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The weaving of a Paithani is a process that requires high skill, dedication and patience as the entire process right from the dyeing is manual. The weaving happens entirely on handlooms with only sketches of the designs guiding the weavers. Many a times the traditional patterns are so embedded in the weavers mind that they don't even need a sketch. 
The Paithani was originally woven in the finest cotton upto the peshwa period. It is only in the past century the Paithani started getting woven in silk. The "Maharastra" as it is known for its grandeur, is an essential item in the bridal trousseau. 

The past few decades saw many changes in the Paithani weaving, mainly in the motifs, which evolved keeping in mind the changing tastes of the women. The simple geometric patterns gave way to much elaborate designs. The colours too which were earlier limited to a few, with new techniques and dyes are now innumerable.

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